Our marquee brands are Rucksack Inn and The Rucksack, which today includes properties and experiences across Southeast Asia.


Rucksack Inn

Pioneering a transformation in the backpacker hostel industry since 2007, Rucksack Inn remains the most awarded hostel brand in Singapore and has welcomed close to a million guests. When we started out, backpacker hostels were typically places with little personality and much to be desired – especially health and safety wise.

We wanted to offer an experience that we desired ourselves, and which focused on making and keeping connections alive with fellow travelers. We wanted to deliver the feeling of a rustic experience where a traveler could rest their feet in comfort and safety (but without any rust!), and in contemporary settings that matched our contemporary thinking. We also wanted to offer great value without compromising on quality, cleanliness, and held appreciation of the culture of the place.

So we did, by introducing Rucksack Inn, a concept hostel which was designed-for-purpose and featured (what was then) perks like all day breakfast and free WiFi. And we had 24-hour housekeeping all day every day, to ensure our housekeeping standards were maintained the way we like them – high.

With physical fundamentals in place, we turned our attention to software and experience – the elements of a guests’ stay that we believe make the biggest difference. We started with activities like city tours and cooking lessons (remind us to tell you about our dumpling making sessions at some point) because, why not! They were fun, fed people, connected us with cultural elements of the places and spaces we were located. This kept us true to our ambition of making things friendly, affordable and hyperlocal. These game changing practices only served to further energize locales in which our hostels were situated and kept guests a-coming.

Through shared experiences, we began to form friendships with our guests and them with other guests, because shared experiences naturally empower connections between people. That is why – we’ve been told – both our guests and crew love it here, at Rucksack Inn. Because there’s fun stuff to do, friends to experience them with, and safe spaces to stay.

That’s what’s emboldened us to look further afield and make connections elsewhere in Asia. We’re looking to bring our unique way to stay to cities and beaches starting with Southeast Asia, namely the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

We are really excited about the next phase for Rucksack Inn, and look forward to seeing you soon at one of our current or future properties!

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The Rucksack Caratel

Sibling to Rucksack Inn, The Rucksack is a curated line of properties and experiences aimed at the Generation Now crowd who seek authentic local experiences and adventures. Featuring artisanal, eclectic environs, The Rucksack comprises lively, joyful activity which guests can indulge in and gain new knowledge of the heritage of a place, while sharing Instagram-able moments with the world.

Our flagship The Rucksack Caratel, in Melaka, Malaysia, features a blend of modern suites and distinctive caravan-style accommodations in one of the country’s inimitably unique towns. As a historical town well known for its plethora of food options and centuries old cultural legacy, Melaka continues to offer adventures to those who seek it. The Rucksack Caratel facilitates adventure by inviting guests to reimagine the town with fresh eyes and elevate their own experience by finding joy and happiness in the overlooked little things we sometimes take for granted.

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