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Giving Back

Although our core lies with our passion to transform properties into the newest travel hip go-to, we are mostly motivated to create something bigger in fulfillment of our mission to forge a sustainable business based on the 3Ps;

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People, Place, and Planet

and to ‘Do Good’.

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We crave to do more for those who are less fortunate, to restore the place’s heritage and culture for the enjoyment of the newer generation, and to build a better place for all to share by conserving natural energy and resources.

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‘Do Good’ is our social responsibility manifesto, built on our belief that every individual should have a safe, secure, and comfortable roof over their heads, and eventually, have the means to sustain this ‘roof’.

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Our efforts in ‘Do Good’ include assisting the Barefoot Mercy, a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) aimed at improving rural standards of living in Sarawak. The organisation seeks to provide practical assistance to rural communities, so that the people may enjoy basic necessities such as electricity, which will consequently enable them to make a livelihood for themselves.

Visit Barefoot Mercy to find out more about how you can play a part in another’s life too.